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Pump Tanks



Pump tanks (or dosing tanks) are an integral part of any pumped septic system such as a mound system or flood dose system.  It is a tank (built like a septic tank) that contains one or more effluent or sewage pumps and controls.  Float type switches inside the tank turn the pump on and off.  The pump delivers a "dose of water to the absorption field. 


Sphere pump tanks are furnished with manhole cover only.

Part No. Gallon FOB Length Width Height #/Manholes
5260000W94201  300 Sphere  A 48 1/2"  48 1/2"  49 1/2" 1-20" 
5170000W94201  500 Sphere  A 60"  60"  59 1/2"  1-20" 





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