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Onsite Tanks

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Onsite Septic Tanks

Generally, there are two types of wastewater systems - a home or building connected to a municipal sewer network with a centralized water treatment plant, or an onsite septic system.  Snyder Industries has a wide range of septic and pump tank options for the onsite market.  Whether for new construction, or the addition to or replacement of older systems, Snyder has the solution

Snyder septic tanks provide:

  • Corrosion resistant polyethylene used in the tank construction will outlast other traditional materials used for septic tank construction such as concrete and steel.
  • Lightweight plastic construction allows for easy storage and delivery.  Installers can handle without special equipment.
  • Can be installed with 6 to 36 inches of soil cover depending on the product selected.
  • Designs engineered for strength.  Low profile Dominator design which requires less digging and helps to avoid high water tables.
  • The NexGen D2 design requires absolutely no water for backfill, thereby saving time during installation.

Snyder sells its onsite products through a series of dedicated wholesale establishments that provide a great variety of products to contractors serving the onsite business. 

Distributors who market Snyder onsite products include:





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